Michael Coudrey waves to the crowd in Washington DC

Tens of thousands of conservatives gathered Saturday in Washington over allegations of voter fraud and urged him not to concede to President-elect Joe Biden.

The president and his motorcade drove past the supporters, some of them waving Trump flags and holding signs saying “Stop the Steal”. The crowd chanted “Four More Years!” as Trump gave a thumbs up Saturday morning.

On the consecutive nights of 11/4/20, 11/5/20, 11/6/20 Conservative Activists protested outside the Clark County elections office, demanding more transparency in the elections infrastructure, suggesting that voting irregularities have corrupted the elections process.

Michael Coudrey and Courtney Holland, the organizers for the event, are shown in the background.
Michael Coudrey and Courtney Holland organized the Las Vegas protest.

On the third consecutive night of protesting at the Clark County election center, political activists vowed that their fight would not stop.

“I would say that 95%, maybe 99%, of people here don’t trust the election’s infrastructure,” Coudrey told the crowd. “You want to trust that this election is going to be legitimate, or do you think it’s a product of fraud?”

“Fraud!” they shot back. “That’s what I thought,” said Coudrey, “Me, too.”

Michael Coudrey

Michael Coudrey is an American entrepreneur, investor, and speaker who serves as the chairman and CEO of the Pharos Investment Group.

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