How Mike Coudrey Figured The Answer to Everything was knowledge

I asked myself what do the most powerful people in the world have that I don’t have? Asides from additional resources, the most underlying answer to that I could think of was KNOWLEDGE.

It became abundantly clear that these people know many things that I don’t, and if I don’t to learn everything they do, it would likely result in a life of mediocrity, having no direct impact in the shaping of the future.

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Building an incredible foundation of knowledge and understanding to which you will always draw from is one of the most important things you can do to effect change. Begin to see the picture on a macro level. Begin to think more philosophically. And once you have knowledge, harness the spiritually driven desire to change the reality in which we live for the benefit of all.

Seeing many hardships, and knowing the system was designed in such a way to ensure of them should be a quintessential turning point in understanding the importance of positive change. We live in a system which thrives on oppression, and the social and cultural engineers have for far too long claimed the minds of the youth, conditioning them to live in a materialistic and superficial fashion, trapping those who partake in their social construct into a finite level of thinking.

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Michael Coudrey discussing how the Mueller Investigation was fraudulent and manufactured.

For those not yet involved, the key question to ask yourself is, are you putting your imprint on the world or letting the world put its imprint on you? Are you actively working towards building a better society?

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