How the Billionaire Class is Exploiting Mainstream Media to Further their own Monetary and Policy Interests

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Michael Coudrey explains that billionaires purchase Media Outlets as a way to “Shape Public Opinion”

Very powerful individuals have recognized that by controlling the flow of information, they can subliminally shape public opinion to advance their personal agenda by presenting material, news or entertainment crafted in a certain way to change the opinion of the receptive viewer.

This is why many billionaires purchase mainstream media outlets, such as Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post. This gives them an opportunity to use the full strength and force of their media organization to promote causes that are in their own self interests, and also an opportunity to vilify their opponents.

More often than not, journalists willingly adapt to the agenda of the owner, giving the owner significant media capital that can be utilized to advance their own monetary and policy interests.

This is why you should never trust the Fake News!

Michael Coudrey is an American entrepreneur, investor, and speaker who serves as the chairman and CEO of the Pharos Investment Group.

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