Michael Coudrey: “No Laws Apply for the Powerful.”

It would seem no laws apply for the powerful and all laws apply for the powerless. Therefore legality is just a matter of power, not justice.

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We have an incredibly politicized justice system in America that does not hold many of our elected officials accountable.

Aligned operatives have penetrated many layers of the justice system and use their positions of power to protect the agenda of the ruling class elitists.

George Soros, in particular, has significantly contributed to District Attorney races across the country. He knows that when he can control or manipulate those who enforce the law, the law can be bent in his favor.

-George Soros spent $408,000 propping up liberal aligned prosecutor Kim Foxx, who’s office dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett.

  • George Soros gave nearly 1.7 MILLION to back Krasner for Philly DA
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