Mike Coudrey Discusses Social Conditioning & Cognitive Dissonance

People often times grow up to be a product of social conditioning, playing into a system in which they fundamentally don’t recognize exists.

They are told to do good in school so they can get into college, and told to do good in college to get a job. From there they are burdened by debt and bills, many of whom struggle to stay afloat. They have kids and start a family, and become entrenched in a system to provide. They must have a job, they must provide for their family. They must continually chase down materialistic items in an effort to gain social status.

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Michael Coudrey boarding a private jet in Burbank, California

I didn’t want to grow old working and chasing the most desired materialistic things because the societal norms tell us these are things we must want. I want to grow old chasing knowledge and then leveraging that to create wealth, to allow myself to purchase anything deemed necessary to live a prosperous and fulfilled life.

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Everyone seems to want the most desired materialistic things but never recognize the amount of KNOWLEDGE it will take to get them. And as soon as you realize this, its as if your life suddenly changes. You realize the world is your oyster and anything you ever wanted to attain you can, all you were missing was the knowledge required to do it.

We see that often times people are a product of their environment. Grown on what they see on the superficial layer, unbeknownst to most there is a secret world in which the world’s intellectuals govern. The layer of psychological oeprations, subliminal marketing, influencer marketing, cultural manipulation, the shaping of public opinion.

The intellectual space that consists of the inner truths of society. The things only a select few know about.

And there is only one thing that can take you there. Knowledge.

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